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As Modulo Béton we have constantly been searching for opportunities to optimize visitor flows at household waste recycling centres. All around the United Kingdom, we noticed increasing queues. After COVID-19 came to the country waiting times increased even more. Fortunately, at that time we were already actively working on innovations to support social distancing and shorten queues. Last week hard work paid off and we launched our new product: Q-meter. This smart queue and traffic management device for HWRCs can solve all of your queue problems. Are you part of a waste management company or local authority looking for a way to prevent long queues at HWRCs?  Please read this article and learn how!


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What is Q-meter?

Q-meter is a device that measures how many people are at a household waste recycling centre at a certain time, how fast they are moving through the facility, and provides real-time insight into this data. We help you visualize this information on your website, social media or other platforms. With this information you can advise residents to visit at a later time, or communicate how busy the facility is, all without requiring an opt-in. Our innovative system can be used at every HWRC in the country! In Canada and The Netherlands Q-meter is already a success. Our goal is to create a safe and efficient situation at HWRCs in the United Kingdom!

How does Q-meter work?

Q-meter registers how many smart devices are in a zone, by tracking the signals and recording when they enter and leave the zone. The product detects Wi-Fi signals coming from smart devices and records only non-personal information. It is 100% GDPR-proof, CE-certified, and does not require any kind of software or app to be installed on a residents’ phone.

How can Q-meter be the immediate solution?

Q-meter is a plug and play system. It can easily be installed using our detailed instruction manual. Configuration of the algorithm can be managed remotely by our team. Only data connection (ethernet) and power are needed for Q-meter to fully operate.

What additional benefits does Q-meter have?

During the use of Q-meter data will be collected. Modulo will collect these (non-personal) data and can advise you in a later stage about possible further improvements and total traffic management at the HWRC.


What long-term solutions are possible?

Q-meter is a product engineered by Modulo Béton UK. Do you want to efficiently upgrade your HWRC to the next level? The Modulo Béton system could be the perfect opportunity. Modulo is a patented modular system for the construction of split-level household waste recycling centres that has many benefits compared to non-split-level or traditionally built cast in place HWRCs: separation of residents and heavy traffic, better recycling rates, short construction times, and Modulo Béton is safe for both residents and staff. Also, the space underneath the platforms can be used as storage or to create a re-use shop. Modulo Béton can advise you about hazardous waste management, safe disposal of waste, achieving higher recycling rates, customer satisfaction, and prevention of fly-tipping.

Based on your terrain we can design and construct split-level and future-proof household waste recycling centres. All units can be re-used and have a design lifetime of 50 years. The Modulo Béton system fits into the circular economy.

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